Castle of Kinghts of St John | Drahim

30 km - 35-minute drive

30 km - 35-minute drive
source: zamki.res.pl

Drahim (whose current name is Stare Drawsko) is a charmingly situated village on a strait between Drawsko and Żerdno Lakes.
For over a thousand years, from the 7th to the mid-18th century Drahim (the Slav name of the place) served as the local political, administrative, and military center, superior to Czaplinek. There was a Slavic castle-town, then a commandery of Knights of St John, Polish starosty of Drahim and province of Brandenburg. The end of the castle’s splendor was brought upon by Russian troops that burnt it down in 1759.
The castle was buil around 1360 by Knights of St John. Today, the castle accomodates an all-year museum.