1. The hotel accepts reservations made by the client:
    - over the phone,
    - electronically, via e-mail,
    - personally,
    - via social media accounts.
  2. The above-mentioned reservations are treated as preliminary booking and are by no means binding for the hotel.
  3. To recognize contact with the hotel as a reservation inquiry, it is necessary for the client to provide:
    - the full name for which the reservation is made
    - date of stay
    - number of rooms
    - number of people
    - client’s contact phone number and
    - e-mail address used on a daily basis
  4. Once contact has been made, if the hotel can meet the client’s expectations, it will send the offer and its terms and conditions to the email address provided by the client. The foregoing is tantamount to accepting a preliminary booking (non-guaranteed reservation*) by the hotel.
    The hotel quotes prices in new Polish zlotys; all the prices include VAT in the amount that is in accordance with mandatory legal provisions.
  5. Giving an advance by the client is the sine qua non of guaranteeing a reservation. The amount of the advance payment, adequate to the value of the whole order, is quoted each time in the offer sent by the hotel to the client’s e-mail address. The advance payment cannot be lower than 30% of the value of reservation.
  6. In justified cases, the hotel will appoint a deadline before which the client is obliged to give the advance towards the reservation of their stay.
  7. The date of payment is the date of accounting the amount on the hotel’s bank account or the cash receipt date at the hotel’s cash office.
  8. The hotel will issue a receipt on the payment received, under the regulations in force.
  9. In case the advance payment was not registered on the hotel’s account by the designated date, the hotel is not legally bound by the client’s inquiry.
  10. From the date of depositing the advance payment on the hotel’s account, the client’s reservation becomes an order and has a status of guaranteed reservation**. The provided dates of stay and services ordered is binding for both parties, i.e. the hotel and the client.
  11. The client pays the remaining amount due for the stay in the hotel on the day of their arrival at the Reception, before the beginning of their stay.
    Paying 100% of the price for the stay concludes a contract between the hotel and the client for the client’s stay, according to their order.
  12. The client’s refusal to pay 100% of the value of stay before the beginning of the stay constitutes withdrawal from the reservation. The hotel will keep the advance payment.
  13. The hotel is entitled to demand from the client to leave a deposit in the amount of 50% of the price of stay, as security.
    The deposit is returned to client on the last day of their stay. In case of any damage, harm, or lack in the room occupied by the client, the deposit will be reduced by the value of the losses found.
  14. The client’s refusal to pay the deposit is tantamount to withdrawal from the reservation. The hotel will keep the advance payment.
  15. The contract, which is constituted by the order with the confirmation of reservation, expires on the day of client’s departure from the hotel, no later than on the day specified in the order.


  1. The client can annul the stay at any given moment.
  2. The annulment has to be in written form, under pain of being declared null and void.
  3. Annulment of non-guaranteed preliminary booking is not required. However, the information will make the work of the hotel’s reception easier, and your courtesy in that respect will awake our gratitude.
  4. Annulment of stay after giving the advance
    - if the annulment takes places 30 or more days before the planned arrival date and the beginning of stay, the hotel will return the advance payment, reduced by banking costs;
    - if the annulment is made less than 30 days beofre the planned arrival date and the beginning of stay, the hotel will keep the advance payment.
  5. In cases the hotel finds justified, it is possible to change the date of stay. Each time, the change of date of stay depends on an individual analysis of the situation and the possibilities of making such a change. The hotel cautions that changing te date of stay cannot incur any losses to the hotel, and the client’s demand to change the date of stay is not in any way binding to the hotel.
  6. In case of shortening the stay the hotel does not return the costs of the unilateral withdrawal from the contract.
  7. Any possible litigation between the client and the hotel will be heard by a court having jurisdiction over the hotel’s seat.





* Non-guaranteed reservation
- is a reservation that the hotel will keep in its stock no longer than till the moment another client, decided on giving the advance towards their stay at the hotel, inquires about the offer (as far as the date, the resources, or the period are concerned).
**Guaranteed reservation
- the services that were ordered and advanced by the client, will be waiting for their arrival in the range and on the date specified in the reservation. The Guest can begin their stay at any given moment of the first hotel day of the advanced period.