Our rooms

We have 150 sq m of conference and training rooms on the first floor of the hotel. There can be one big room or three smaller rooms divided by soundproof partition walls:

  • Ciemino
  • Komorze
  • Wielimie.

The names of the rooms come from the names of the lakes of the Drawskie Lake District.
The measurements of individual rooms are presented in the table.
Our rooms can be joined in several different ways, depending on your needs.
The room of 150 sq m can be additionally joined with the restaurant to obtain as much as 211 sq m.

Each of our rooms has:

  • access to daylight
  • full blackout
  • exit to a terrace
  • view over the Lubie Lake
  • air-conditioning
  • sound system, screen, projector
  • comfortable furniture

Next to the rooms there are: a restaurant, toilets, and a coatroom.

Leaflet for you

On an A4-size sheet, we included all the necessary information about our multi-purpose rooms.
Once you have printed it out, or directly on-screen, you will find the answers to the following questions:
How many people do they accomodate? In what settings?
What are their measurements? What are the possibile arrangements?











[pdf | 1,94MB]

Every kind of information will be gladly given to You at the hotel, during a meeting and a presentation of our rooms.
You are welcome to contact us: (0048) 94 314 63 30

Rooms dimensions

  Room Space / area Width Length
1. Ciemino (A) 36,5 sqm. 4,7 m 7,8 m
2. Komorze (B) 36 sqm. 4,6 m 7,8 m
3. Wielimie (C) 74 sqm. 9,5 m 7,8 m
5. A+B 73 sqm. 9,4 m 7,8 m
6. B+C 111 sqm. 14,2 m 7,8 m
7. A+B+C 148 sqm. 18,9 m 7,8 m
8. ABC + R 211 sqm. 27 m 7,8 m

R - the restaurant   |   Room height: 3 m.

Conference packages

We encourage you to download the A4-size leaflet on the basic conference packages available in our hotel up to the end of 2018.
Upon request - apart from the following proposals - we are willing to prepare for you an individual offer.



[pdf | 6 MB]

Man does not live by training alone

Good dinner? Evening and night at the disco? And maybe a bonfire by the lake? With roasting sausages, hunter’s stew, and guitar under the starry sky? And maybe a canoe trip? On the lake or along the Drawa? And maybe yoga on the beach in the morning? And maybe a feast with a music band? Team-buliding activities?
We can also take care of less formal aspects of every conference, training or business meeting :)